Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Next Year's Halloween - a belated post

On Halloween, I sat listening to some random music while grading papers. I noticed that a number of the songs - though one would not normally consider them "Halloween" themed - gave some very interesting ideas for unusual Halloween costumes. I may try one out next year.

Who are you?
1 - I'm the guy who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door [How'd that get on my playlist??]
2 - I'm the Great Pretender
3 - Moon Shadow. Mind if I follow you? [This may be my FB costume]
4 - I'm a happy girl  [I may have some difficulty with this one]
5 - I'm blue [budapu deepadoo daaaa, doo dapoo deee... that one]

And of course, Weird Al is always a fountain of insightful costume ideas. From "Midnight Star"
7 - Your pet may be an extra-terrestrial
8 - The ghost of Elvis [is living in my den]
9 - The Incredible Frog Boy [is on the loose again]
10 - Aliens ... are sleeping in my car
11 - The man born without a head
12 - Top psychics
13 - Hitler's brain in a jar

About that point I got back to work. Which is what I will do now too. Taa.