Sunday, March 11, 2012

The new duds

We got ourselves a set of Nigerian clothes. It was a hassle and a half -- "It took a long time to get them." but we finally got them.

On campus, most people are quite complimentary. The funniest comment was the poli sci prof who said I look like a sociologist for trying to blend in.

We're both in green, though in the picture my green looks rather blue.

"After adjustments, I feel like the bodice doesn't fit me quite right. And it still slips off my shoulder. It's very pretty, though, and I really like the skirt. I will definitely keep the skirt.  I'm going to be more specific next time about having the collar right up here [points out her neck] because I have seen ladies who have dresses that are modest, and my pattern is obviously not what I would want. I'm going to try something with red in it next time. And a different tailor. But we're gratefully we finally got everything back."

I also have a cream set that doubles as pajamas.