Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prince talks about his birthday

That's me with my new DS. Look at [Prince]!
I would like to talk about my birthday. You can say Happy Birthday now. I said Happy Birthday, and I wished myself "Happy Birthday to me!" and I ate my cake. I opened presents. And I played with my Christmas toys. And I played with my Mario plushes. I got Yoshi. Okay? Then I got another squeaky ball. What is next? Hmmmm. That's not about my birthday. Hmmmm. *lol* Hmmmm. *lol*

(DW - Prince appears to be enjoying watching as I write Hmmmmm every time he says Hmmmm. Much laughing and Hmmmmm-ing later....)

I think that I got a picture of Jesus. That's not on my birthday, though. And I got a hymnal. I played DS because I got a new DS game. I played MarioKart. Okay. That's it. Hmmmmmm. *lol*