Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Pictures of our neice

Aunt Emie made two of the yarn dolls. I asked how
we could tell them apart. Ours has red hair, just like our girl.
Going through my Christmas pictures, I was surprised just how many I took of my little one year old niece. She was really quite adorable. Knowing that some of the people who come to this blog also care about Steve and Emie's little girl, here are some shots of her wonderfulness.

She is about to dig into the bag to find the clothes we got her.

She loved her new LeapTop. Unfortunately, so did Princess, who was regularly swarming over her to play with her presents. Joy noticed something about their play: one would be playing with the other's gift and then would ask for a gift for the other child. Joy put forward that if they were older, we could imagine them strategically trying to distract their playmate so they could get their own toys back. It was really funny to watch.

Grammy and Grandma Straw - my parents' mothers - were both able to come for Christmas and spend a little time with the children.