Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas pictures of Princess

Santa brought Princess a talking Jessie. She was very excited to see her little friend. Then she looked around said, "Woody!" certain he must be around too if Jessie was.

Santa also brought her a Minnie Mouse doll. She likes Minnie well enough, but Jessie is the clear winner.

Princess has always loved clothes. She was very happy to get several new outfits and was eager to try them on - sometimes all at once! 

Santa got Prince a ball that Princess enjoyed playing with. The big crossover toy though was Kermit the Frog. Prince was happy to get him, as you can see, but Princess coveted "Frog." She carried Frog with her more than any other toy. She gets very excited to see Frog.

When we brought our little girl to Goleta, her favorite animal was a duck. Any bird was a duck and she loved all things ducky. Now it's all about the frogs and she mostly ignores the adorable duckies she got for Christmas.

The cause: she discovered the book A Fly Went By. The fly flew away in fear of the frog, who ran from the cat, who ran from the dog. And on and on it goes, but her favorite character is the frog. "Frog ... fast."

Here she is looking fabulous in her new dress and dress-coat. Someone (not sure who, actually) spat up on it a few minutes later, though, and so she went down a layer to her first little black dress underneath.

Princess got a couple new baby dolls. This one was made by Aunt Emilee.

Ah, I found a shot of her with the duckies in one of her dresses.