Saturday, January 26, 2013

Their Favorite Music

[Oh yes, and we're back in Yola safe and sound. We dropped off the face of the earth for two weeks with debilitating illnesses that delayed our return. But we're all well enough now and most of us are finally asleep.]

Once upon a time, I kept diligent track of all the vast quantities of music Prince listened to and monthly reported on how his favorite songs were changing over time. It was one of the ways he and I bonded and we could both harmlessly enjoy our occasional OCD tendencies.

Then it stopped. He decided he did not like the system we had going for choosing music and didn't want to pick music any more. In part this was also because he developed other interests and wanted to go for them.

I finally found a new system he likes well enough, and with Princess talking she can also express her music preferences. More recently, he's also taken to dancing before dinner when I turn the music on. For old times' sake, I wanted to post their favorite songs for 2012:

Song title (artist if it's not obvious) - # times played   * if Princess also requests this, ** if she sings along
1. Go, Go, Go (Backyardigans - hereafter B'gans) - 30**
2. Super Mario Castle Theme - 28
3. Brush Your Teeth (Raffi) - 26    [Joy requests this too]
4. Super Mario a capella (BYU Vocal Point) - 25
5. Super Duper Mario (Daniel Tidwell) - 23
    Backyardigan Theme Song **
    Super Mario Wii Theme
8. Lady in Pink (B'gans) - 22
9. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam - 20**
    A Pirate Says Arr (B'gans)*

11. Give a Little Whistle (Pinocchio) - 19
      The Goldfish (Lauie Berkner)
     You've got a Friend in Me (Randy Newman)
     Tuba Polka (B'gans)
15. Guilty Party Theme - 18*
     W-I-O-Wa (B'gans)
     You and me to the rescue (B'gans)
18. One Jump Ahead (Aladdin) - 17
     I'm a Mountie (B'gans)
     We Love a Luau (B'gans)
21. I Saw Three Ships (Richard Elliot on Tabernacle Organ) - 16
     We're Knights (B'gans)
     Racing Day (B'gans)
     Goblin (B'gans)
25. Tweedily Dee (B'gans) - 15
     I Never Fail to Deliver the Mail (B'gans)
     Secret Agent (B'gans)
     Super Mario Theme (London Philharmonic)
     Surf's Up, Ho Daddy (B'gans)
     Ready for Anything (B'gans)

Some other Princess favorites:
Ernie's Rubber Ducky
Put down the Ducky
Frosty the Snowman (Jimmy Durante)
Smurf Theme
"Happy Bear" Tapper
There was an old lady who swallowed a spider
"A" You're Adorable
Itsy Bitsy Spider