Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas a little early

Because we're flying back to California next week, we decided to have a little Christmas this morning. We read Luke 2, acting out the parts with various stuffed critters. I was quite proud of my casting: Caesar as an eagle; the shepherds as the Backyardigans, the first angel as Sorcerer Mickey and then the multitude of heavenly host as a GIANT Mickey. Prince and Princess served as the parents in the Holy Family. Here is Princess adoring baby Jesus.

More pics below the fold

We told them Santa would show up at Pop and Gramma's in three weeks. These presents were just from us.

(If brother Doug ever sees this, I think our girl looks remarkably like yours in this picture.)

And I'm pleased to say the vast majority were big hits. Above is Princess meeting some Princesses of her own.

As you can see, they were quite inspiring. They inspired Prince to do what only a Prince can: he kissed each one of them, long and lovingly, to wake each one up. He didn't play with them any more than that, just one long kiss. (I may have to give him pointers on technique long before I thought :D  ).

We even managed to accomplish a new first: there was only one toy both kids wanted to play with, and there was no fighting. They happily played with Princess' blocks together.

Avoiding fights was also likely helped along by giving Prince Papa and Clumsy Smurf and Smurfette to Princess - but that's a bit of piece and harmony that was not to be taken for granted before it happened! We thought it a smart move in the long run.
Here is my happy, handsome boy.

Both kids were very unselfish too, I might add. We asked them a dangerous question: who should open the first present? Prince chose me. They were quite happy to take turns, to share in the fun, and were the most pleasant little human beings we could wish for.

Among Joy's presents was a game Qwirkle she had never heard of. It's basically Scrabble using colors and shapes instead of letters. Prince played it with us and did quite well. Princess meanwhile watched her old favorite "Love Those Letters" and TPd the living room while our backs were turned. Her runny nose makes her think she has free run of the TP, you see.

We are very blessed to have two children like them.