Monday, December 3, 2012

My Son, the Trickster

I try to read to Prince every night. We usually start whenever he's ready for bed and end at 7:30. This encourages him to be prompt in getting ready for bed.

Often if he is close to 7:30, but just a tiny bit over, I'll offer to read to him for 1-2 minutes "just because I love you."

A short while back, he was getting to bed rather late and it was not his fault. He asked for story and I told him no, it was much too late. He asked if I would read to him just because I love him. Well, I set myself up good for that one, didn't I?

Seeing my hesitation, Prince offered a compromise: "You could read me just one word, Daddy. Pleeeeeeease."

Oh, all right. Just one word. The. Good night.

The next night he was late to bed again. He asked for two words this time. I agreed. Two pirates. Good night.

He very happily told Mommy about "The two pirates" the next morning and she looked at me like she knew I'd been had.

He's been pretty good about getting to bed anyway since then, but tonight he was asking for "just 6 words" and I turned him down. As I sit back here smiling, I wait for the day he offers to let me read him just one word today, two words the next day, four words the next day, eight words the next, and so on.