Friday, December 14, 2012

How can you tell when your preschooler is listening?

Prince opening a gift from me:
a set of Mario styli for the Wii.
He wanted to make sure that we packed
all the toys where he had placed one.
I think it was a winner.
I told Prince a story this morning. It wasn't original to me by any means. It was the story of two sons who were asked by their father to do something. One son said "Sure, Dad" and then didn't do anything. The other said "No," but later repented and did what his father asked. We talked about the story and how it related to his life.

A few hours later, he told Mommy and me a story of his own. "Remember that story you told me today, Dad? It's exactly the same as in my Mario movie!"

There are very few real Mario movies. So Prince invents more adventures for Mario and friends and calls them movies. I was rather surprised to learn he had already heard it and acted it out, but Joy added that this was a new movie he created this morning.

Prince explained there were three friends: Mario, Luigi, and Peach. They were asked to do something. Peach said she would, but didn't. Luigi said he wouldn't, but then repented and did it. But Mario - ever the perfect example - said he would do it and he did it. He wants to be like Mario.