Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not a baby

I'm trying to convince my daughter that she is not a baby.

I ask her what my name is and my name is Daddy. She knows Mommy. She knows Prince's real name. But when I ask her her name, she thinks it's Baby.

I'm not worried about any behavior I'm trying to correct, per se. I just want her to see herself as a growing young woman. Joy says she does not have a problem with her being a baby.

She is not yet 18 months, but today she demonstrated she can count to 10.
She is not yet 18 months, but she can sing the entire Looooong-form alphabet song from Love Those Letters. She knows her alphabet.
She has started singing along with the hymns. Surprised us this week and last - and look at that great mouth shape!
She can communicate and learns new words every day.
She walks 99.44% of the time...
She is independent and decisive, knows her mind.
"She is starting to listen and follow directions."
Today, I told her to "Go" out of our room. She obeyed, and then told me to "Come" with her.

This is not a baby. The hard part has been that ... I need to stop calling her Baby first.

This week for the first time, I got her to say her nickname. She can't manage her full name yet - too many syllables, but she did come up with her nickname twice.