Sunday, March 17, 2013

Children count

Princess can "count" to 13. That is, she can recite her numbers to 13 before she starts skipping around to 16, 18, and then ... 20!!!!

When she tries to count objects, Princess isn't really sure when to stop. She counts the four of us and sometimes we are 6 and sometimes 10. What she can demonstrate is the idea of pointing at something and adding one to the number in sequence.

She really comprehends one and two. If we ask her to take 3 things, she doesn't know what to do. When we tell her to take 2, she does. So she understands the concept of one and two very well.


For a moment, I thought I had taught Prince something deep and amazing. You see, when economists model, first we imagine there's only one type of person; then we assume there are two types of people; then we assume infinity, or some really big number, like ... N. So there's this long standing joke that economists count: 1, 2, N.

Prince told me "I love you."
I said "I love you too."
Occasionally we have had counting wars in how much we love each other, so when he followed up with
"I love you N," I got really excited.
1, 2, N!

But then he corrected himself, "I mean, 'I love you, Y.' Because N is for No, and that would mean I love you no; and Y is for yes, and I love you Yes."