Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentines - we actually did stuff

"It's the truth!" Joy exults. "Even we're surprised."
We are regularly sick for minor holidays (and many major ones). We often celebrate Valentines on some other day. But not this time!

This is also monumental because we're actually celebrating a US holiday on the day of, while in Nigeria, and we didn't cut corners. It may be the first holiday we've really done that.
"We did it the usual way we would have in the States - though without someone watching our kids, I guess."

"I wrote Derrill a poem."
Based around Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. Very creative.
"You don't think we're parents of young children, do you?"
She also decorated our bathroom door with hearts and adorable phrases using chalk.

"For part of school that day I had Prince make a Valentine for Daddy. I tried to convince him to make one for me since that's what Daddy wanted him to do, but he was set on making one for Daddy. I made one for Princess."
I gave Joy some silly comics for her Valentine card during the week, mostly promising to get her a new ring. We're in need ... again.

"I also made French toast for everyone that morning."
Everyone loved it.

I had a scathingly brilliant plot. I spoke with some colleagues and learned there actually are restaurants in the area. The day before Valentines I took our driver to one of them and ordered a large and expensive meal. He then dropped me off at home half an hour before my usual return time. I sat outside waiting to come back inside so she wouldn't suspect a thing.

I had only told Joy I would take care of dinner. Pressed for plans, I told her, alright, fine, if I'm not home by 6pm you can start feeding the kids dinner. Then I had the driver take me to the restaurant right after class,  picked up the food, and came home well and truly early to everyone's surprise with our Very First not-hotel, not-Club Restaurant meal.

"I was surprised. It was very nice. We lit a date candle and we all sat down to dinner. The salad was nice."
Oddly including fish and fried beans as part of the salad...
"The shrimp and rice dinner Derrill got specifically for me was nice - shrimpies are our special date food - was especially good. My favorite though was the corned beef sandwich he got as a backup in case we didn't like anything else. It was so Light and Cool and Yummy!"
I had the mixed grill and it is not to be tried again.
I had gotten spaghetti for the kids, only to discover that it was much too spicy for them. Of course, I didn't think so at the time because ... the spring rolls I got for Joy were made of FIRE.
"I tried them very first, before I had water in front of me. But at least I didn't remember them first now when we sat down to write about them."
I couldn't taste much after eating 1.5 of them.
"Poor Derrill. I think I ate two of them"
A clear indication of her hidden constitution and great hunger for spring rolls.
"I wouldn't want you to think I didn't like my spring rolls."
We did throw the rest away. I worked my way through the spaghetti for the next few days until my stomach problems. The salads were nice and we finished them off.

I got a phone call from the restaurant a few days after, thanking me for my patronage and inviting me to come spend money again soon. I bet.