Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maximum Security

Princess likes to open doors. She likes to shut them again because she quickly figured out that if we leave them open, we'll find her that much quicker. She also likes hiding in curtains and closets. Here is Prince showing us where "his ghost" likes to hide.

This is a problem.

We had to lock the kitchen because you don't exactly want a toddler playing with gas.
We had to lock the bathrooms because she likes to play with the water.
We had to lock our room; it's got the medicine.
We had to lock the front door for obvious reasons.
Prince prefers his door to be locked too, but we're less cooperative on that one.

The other day I counted all the times I have to turn a key just to do the laundry:
1. Unlock the bedroom door.
2. Take the laundry out of the bedroom and lock the bedroom door again.
3. Unlock the front door.
4. Take the laundry out and lock the front door again.
5. Unlock the laundry room door.
Ooh, actually do the laundry with an unlocked door!
6. Lock the laundry room door again.
7. Unlock the front door.
8. Lock the front door.
9. Unlock the bedroom, which doubles as my office in the morning.
10. Lock the bedroom again.

Repeat again 2-3 times a day to change laundry and bring it back in or start another load.

She doesn't actually spend all her time checking every door to make sure if it's locked, but every time I forget to lock one of those doors behind me, I come back to find she's made a break for it. She knows the sound of every door and who is behind each door at any given moment, so she can call out who is coming.