Thursday, March 14, 2013

Temperature Feb-Mar - They have adapted

After an initially good few weeks, I have been failing to record the temperatures I'm measuring consistently.

In late Feb conditions remained as they had throughout Feb: highs between 97 and 104, gradually tapering off dust cover with another day of unsafe dust accumulations, and consistent 16% humidity.

By the start of March, there was a noticeable change in the weather. The dust has been blown much further afield, the sky is bluer ... and therefore everything is hotter. From Mar 1-10 there was not a single day when the high in the shade was below 104. One day while I walked outside - so measured under the sun but not in direct sunlight - the high was 111. It was well and truly HOT. The humidity also rose to 22-26%.

This week has been a touch more mild: highs ranged between 101-104.

This has also made a difference to the temperature inside the house, naturally. In Feb the unadjusted temperature in the family room/dining room was 82. We could bring it down to 79 with one AC unit and 76 with two. Now the unadjusted indoor temperature is 88 and we can only get it down to 82.

The Borg have adapted. (Source)
Today I realized that I have gotten accustomed to the heat. 82 feels cool and when we get our bedroom down to 77 I need the feather quilt. Today as I went to lunch, I thought the day was pleasantly warm. I figured the temperature couldn't be over 100, especially since yesterday's high was 101. I set the thermometer outside, had my lunch, and came back to check on it.

The temperature in the shade was 106. I took a brief walk in the sun and got a reading of 111 again. I admitted it was pretty warm, but it did not feel like the oven it was just a week ago.