Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter/Passover confusion

Two weeks ago I decided it was time to prepare the kids. For Family Home Evening I laid out the next three weeks, describing Passover, Easter, and General Conference, all conveniently laid out for us.

We paused our family Book of Mormon reading (just before the crucifixion and accompanying destruction, conveniently) to head to the Old Testament to read about Moses and the Passover. Princess loved it. "Let my people go!"

Last Sunday was our transition from explaining Passover to Paschal week.
For family scripture study we moved to the New Testament and read about Palm Sunday. We watched the Church's Bible video of it (significantly quieter than we expected). We reenacted it*, with Princess riding Daddy Donkey into the living room as Mommy and Superstar called out "Hosanna!" and spread afghans in our way. Princess loved it: "Hosanna!"

Then for family fun later that Sunday, we watched a bit of The Prince of Egypt - Moses' calling and the plagues. Every moment Princess was waiting for the donkey and the shouting. When Moses went to Pharaoh, she expected him to come in on a donkey and have people shout Hosanna. When the children of Israel were freed, she knew it MUST be time for some Hosanna and palm branches.

This week we read from the New Testament gospels about Christ's last week and Passion. She's still looking for more Hosannas daily. Today when we talk about Easter, Princess is ready with another Hosanna shout. Or sometimes asks us to let her people go. Oh well, at least we've taught her that Jesus is the prophet like unto Moses (Deut 18:5).

Superstar, meanwhile, thinks every day is the Passover Last Supper.

* - [You notice we did not reenact the plagues. There are enough plagues in Nigeria already: frogs, lizards, ants, roaches, mosquitoes, dust, and water that turns your insides to TMI ;) ]