Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 months old

Princess has now lived in Nigeria longer than she has in America.

She is a little sweetheart who loves to see us. When I come home from work, she gives me her wide-mouthed, toothless smile of Joy.

When she wants attention, she tries cooing. Among her favorite games are when I lean over her and make various vowel sounds. So she knows the way to get Daddy's attention is to try talking back. This is also her favorite stalling technique for not going to bed, because I find it very hard to ignore her.

Quite in contrast to the Prince, Princess loves having her diaper changed. Neither of them particularly complain(ed) when their diapers are full, but while baby Prince screamed at us every time we changed him, she smiles just to see the diaper come out.

Princess is determined to learn how to walk. For more than a month, she puts all her effort into holding herself upright any chance we give her. It's clear that she's getting stronger at it, too, because we have to support her noticeably less.

Yesterday she grabbed a toy Mommy had set out for her and moved it around for the first time.

She can comfort herself by sucking her thumb.

When Prince needed to burp up, he burped up right after eating. Princess burps up right before eating.

She has slept through the night most nights for about 2-3 weeks now and one night this week she comforted herself to sleep.

She smiles when her brother plays with her - hugging and kissing, tickling her chin, or rubbing her head.

She loves it when we stick a finger in her mouth and brush her gums.

Two of the best ways to help her stop crying are to walk around with her or bounce her on our knees. She has fallen asleep before to the bounce of the knee.

"Derrill, if you're going to put that picture up, you really need to explain why she's smiling. That's a really cute part of her personality. She didn't start smiling until she started falling, and the less grip she had on the leg you can't see, the bigger her smile got until just after this picture -- down she went. Cause I'm not holding onto her. Course, I caught her when she went down."