Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Registration for school

Prince will be going to the Community School that is run by AUN. We were told that the teachers would be available in their classes to meet students and to be introduced into their new classrooms Wednesday and Thursday. The school manager was kind enough to contact us to schedule an appointment since Derrill has no afternoon hours and the teachers were available for introduction in the afternoons. We met with four wonderful people, Prince’s teacher, the teacher’s aide, the school manager and the community school manager. We were able to discuss Prince’s strengths and weaknesses and had a good meeting where we both seemed to be able to pay a lot of attention even with Prince playing in the same room.
After meeting with the them, we went into Prince’s class and let him get comfortable with the room and some more balls (he had played with a ball during the meeting. I fed him some lunch. I think his favorite thing was when the teacher got out her stamps that she uses for the children’s work to let them know they have done well, one said “Way to go!” He was given paper and a stamping pad and had a very nice time using them. Even when he stamped one on the carpet, they didn’t get upset at him and they thought he was very cute when he said he was sorry.
After spending time in the class, Prince wanted to play outside again. We were waiting for a shuttle so he went out to play while we waited. I didn’t feel like the assistant to the teacher needed to watch Prince while he played outside, but she followed him around everywhere. I told her she didn’t need to, but I wasn’t going to argue the point, because I knew that her close proximity would be helpful in him getting used to his teachers and the environment, because it wasn’t bothering him and he was learning to as for her assistance when he needed it. I thought it was above and beyond the call of duty and I have to confess that it did ease my mind somewhat actually seeing him being cared for in my presents.
Prince tried on his new uniform. They have all of the students where a uniform at the school. The boys where a red polo shirt with AUN on it and navy shorts and the girls where a red polo shirt with navy pinafore or a skirt. Prince was thrilled with his uniform because it is a Mario (red) shirt to be worn every day. Their system is that you pay into their account at the bank, then you get the uniform after you give them verification from the bank that you have paid. They gave us the information, Derrill paid for the uniforms and the registration at the bank, and Prince receive his uniforms (two) on Monday which was the first day of school.
On the way out of school I also met other teachers that Prince would be working with, the PE teacher and other educators. It was a good introduction to the school. The Community school supervisor or manager is a delightful woman and I really appreciated everyone that I met.
Additionally on the way home, while Prince and I were waiting for a ride (the shuttle). A lady that lives in 16 flats where we live offered us a ride home. She, Grace, and her daughter, Praise, were very kind and enjoyable to visit with. Grace has a son who is 3 and one that just turned 5 last week. They were having a birthday party for the 5 year old in a couple of days and she invited us to attend. That was very kind after just meeting us. The more people I meet it seems that more comfortable I am here. I should not be so surprise, I am such a people oriented person.