Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prayer begins to click

Joy has been taking care of Prince's prayers as he goes to bed lately. Most of her attempts involve asking him before the prayer to think of good things that happened he could thank God for during his prayer. 

Tonight I had been playing Super Mario DS with Prince and we made some wonderful progress until bedtime. He left Very excited. It was all he wanted to talk about. It's all he wants to talk about anyway. So when I asked him what he was thankful for, it was all Mario, of course.

We started praying, and he said he was thankful for finding Luigi's hat and Wario's hat... and paused. I suggested to him, "Prince, do you want to tell God about your game?"

Ho boy, did he! I had almost expected he would continue where he left off before the prayer, asking God instead me, "Why did we find a Luigi hat in that level?" or explaining that "We found the Wario hat in the underground world. It used to be on the sea monster, but then it moved to a goomba. And when you hit him, it makes the hat fall to the ground." 

Instead, he came up with some of his first requests for his Heavenly Father: "Please help me to free Luigi from his cage, and Wario from his cage ... and Princess Peach from her cage, and Yoshi from his cage. Please help me to find the..." and just prayed from his little heart, asking God for help with his DS game.

It was a wonderful, beautiful, sacred moment.

Course, now I also feel that much more interested in making his prayer come true so he knows God hears and answers prayers.