Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blessed with Water

We have been blessed with water and we will be blessed again. Our water dispenser was leaking and the AC technician could not get it to work. Since it has been leaking we have left the water out of it and have been drinking our bottled water. Now our bottled water is gone…. and to fix the dispenser the technician took it away. So, since we don’t drink water out of the tap we have no water to drink right now. We do have two weeks worth of juice and some Fanta soda that I am sure will get us through today. I sure hope we can get the dispenser back soon, or I guess a run to the store may be in order.
I love you all---Joy

Derrill adds: We got our water dispenser back the same day. It works fine. I also showed Joy how we can use the 5 gallon drums for water even when we don't have a dispenser.