Friday, September 16, 2011

School Pictures

Presenting the Prince on his first day of school
in Nigeria.
Prince gets to school by a bus that parks at our complex overnight. So we have a nice front-row seat to know when the bus driver is getting ready to go. The first day I accompanied him to school (playing Mario DS on the bus) and Joy went to the school the first two days to pick him up. Now our neighbors' children watch him to make sure he stays on the bus all the way home.

We lucked out today. School ends early on Friday and we forgot about it. Joy had gone to take Princess to the doctor for shots and I had gone to the bank to finally cash my first paycheck. Joy made it home in time but forgot the bus would come early. I arrived at the same time as his bus, so I was standing right there to welcome him home. ... Good thing the bus driver called out to me that he had "one of yours here" since I hadn't recognized it as the school bus. ... Oh dear.

Overall his first week has been a success. He loves his Mario-red uniform, enjoys playing with the toys ("I play with all of them!") and is starting to work on his empathy ("I was sad the other children cried so much. It hurt my ears.")

The rest of these pictures are from my earlier trip to AUN in May. Right now it's a touch or three greener.

Recess happens at the beginning of day before it gets amazingly hot. Since the children wear shorts, I was worried about that -- even the LA sun was enough to fry through my corduroys on the metal slides I played on back in the day.

His classroom is just to the right of this picture, though at the time the students his age met in the room pictured on the left.