Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Hot is It?

No I am not going to give you any statistics or even any numbers, but I thought it was so funny what happened the other morning.
Derrill came to talk to me after his shower and said “The water was cold. Quickly take a shower if you want to have the water cold.” He explained that the rain in the middle of the night had cooled things off enough for the water to cool down. Just as amazing Derrill said that he took advantage to the cold water (he usually just wants hot). It is hotter than it was in my hottest area in Costa Rica on my mission where we bathed twice a day to cool down. We bath here to get clean.
Prince hates hot water, but by the time we want to give him a bath the water is too warm for him to stand it. Luckily the water in our bathroom is not as warm in the heat of the day, so we have been giving him showers.
After a bath it is really hard to dry off. I do my best, but I am constantly forgetting which parts of my body I got dried already because of sweat accumulation. Infact I am getting so used to sweating that I do not always turn on the AC, feeling that it doesn’t make that much of a difference (it has been some better since Derrill has been doing his magic). If I really want to feel like the living room is cooler, I need to spend some time in our hot kitchen then it feels really great in the living room.
What has helped a lot if to hang out with princess in her room, it is smaller and there is less work that needs to be done by her AC which now actually works for the first time since we moved here. Yeah for getting it fixed.
Please come and visit us any time, we have plenty to drink Open-mouthed smile. Love you all (I am really hoping to acclimatize to it one day)
Good to go to the kitchen for awhile, relative heat. Often coller outside because there is air movement.