Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Princely Moments

During scripture time, he writes. Often, he
writes numbers and letters over and over.
In addition to some stories, I recently figured out how to upload iPad pictures to my PC, so now everyone else can enjoy some of the pictures I've taken throughout the year from the kids and Yola. Here are pictures of Prince throughout the year.


Prince got his second Student of the Month scholarship award from school. He is very eager to go to the Club to get his chocolate reward.


We have a little family-Primary for Prince each Sunday. We're teaching him the songs the regular Primary is learning every month. That is probably his favorite part. Every time it's his turn to choose the song for family time, he chooses one of the Primary songs we've learned. He wanders the house singing "As a Child of God," "Choose the Right," and "Stand for the Right." This month we're working on "To Think about Jesus."

Another wonderful development this month is that he has vaguely discovered different pitches. His voice actually moves up and down notes when he sings, usually anyway.

Prince playing with a lot of friends who just wandered by.
He was playing with one, then the others came to get him
to come home ... and stayed to play.

During Primary, Joy mentioned the possibility of catching an insect. Prince was worried that we would need air holes or the animal couldn't breathe. He had learned about that at school.

Well, Saturday we caught a lizard.

"Inside our house!" Joy emphatically adds. "Well, we didn't go hunting outside. We didn't have to." I caught him in a paper towel under a suitcase.

Enjoying a rare car ride to the Austins for
church in October
We put a little water in a Nutella jar and poked some air holes. The lizard didn't do an awful lot, just stared out at us. Prince named him "Boy" because Austin the Backyardigan named his pet dinosaur "Boy." He was a little concerned that Boy didn't drink all his water that day. We let Boy go free last night after Prince was asleep. He knew this would happen and was okay with it).


Today was a hard day for everyone. We all needed a good, long nap. At one point, while Joy was comforting me and Prince was in time out, we looked over at him. He sat there with his arms folded, his eyes closed, and a look of great concentration on his face. After his time out, he told us that he was praying for us to feel better. "But you couldn't hear me because I was praying quietly." Best. Moment.

He told me several times, "Today is a Sad Day, Daddy."

Prince's self-portrait coloring.

Prince had a pretty bad day a while ago also. He already had three time outs and we weren't through with breakfast. I warned him that if he kept going at the rate he was, he would have over 30 time outs that day, and we would lock him in his room long before that happened and he would eat his meals in his room. [I did not mention we would come visit him in his prison.]

He did pull it together enough to avoid that terrible outcome, but it was on his mind. As I put him to bed, he told me that "Satan gets 100 time outs ... every day!"


"Mommy, I know what right is, and left. You know how I know? I learned from Mario [Party]. When you push this arrow, you go right. When you push that arrow you go left."

Playing in the ball pit and tunnel shortly after
we got our shipment back
Then he started singing Choose the Right. Joy said, "You know, Prince, Choose the Right is right and wrong. That means something different than right and left. It means making good choices."

He started singing, "Choose the Left!"

Joy is not sure he bought what she was teaching him.


 Prince has been very eager to tell us how his plush Mario is his best friend ever. The others are just plushes. But Mario is his best friend. If his plushes don't behave, they will not get to come with him to America. Mario is his best friend, though, so he will get to come.