Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maid Stayed

We finally hired a maid. She makes our home so much more like a heaven. We started looking for her in January, interviewing and testing the ladies that we interviewed. The doctor we see for the children suggested that we have our maid take a test for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Hepititus B so that our children would be safe or safer Open-mouthed smile.  I had not thought HIV would be a problem, but he said that if their immune system is having that much problems they could have other health problems that would be bad for our children.

We interviewed 4 ladies. Two passed the tests and two did not. It was really sad telling one lady that she had HIV. [DW - Joy did a real service for her, not only giving her that sad information, but helping her learn about where to go for free medical attention and some help.]

[DW - I'll also add that the hiring process was odd. In a place with so much unemployment, you would think it pretty quick to find help when you're offering more than the minimum monthly wage for 1/4 time. AUN's HR department sent us a person or two to consider, and we otherwise talked to locals to ask if they knew someone who was looking. The silly answer is: OF COURSE they know someone. Everyone knows someone. One of our guards was actually modestly offended that we didn't ask him if he knew someone because he knows someone. On the other hand, all these referals and we only ended up with four people who took the time to show up for the interview in the first place over a period of three months, and only ONE of them who would return our calls in a timely manner. But, back to Joy:]

The first lady who passed the physical tests never got back to me about them. I thought I would hear from her by the weekend. That weekend I spoke to my contact about her and he said that she had gotten the test results, that they were possitive, and she was waiting to contact me. I texted her and told her that I needed to hear from her by Monday if she was still interested in the job. I didn’t hear anything. Two or three weeks later she sent me a text to call her. That was weird. We were already well on our way to finding the woman that works for us now.

From the same contact, a bus driver at Derrill’s school I met Zainab who thankfully passed the tests and is now working for us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our home is so much cleaner and I am so grateful that we can have her help. We started her one week probation period before we received all of the results.

The day before she was to get the last result I told her I was praying that she would pass the test.  She responded that she was fasting about it. Heavenly Father has really blessed us. She does cleaning that I just wasn’t getting to and I feel much less overwhelmed with the cleaning and happier when I do some cleaning. Also Derrill doesn’t need to pick up so much of the slack. I just wasn’t doing any cleaning (only laundry) it was a mess.

Yay for wonderful Zainab. My children are getting to know her and we hope to keep her around for along time to come.

[DW - Because we've been discussing Jesus' death and resurrection this week, Prince has been very concerned about the possibility that he or we will die. He had decided, though, that if Mommy and Daddy died, Zainab would take care of him. So, yes, she is already becoming a favorite of the children. We explained to Prince that we had better plans for him than that and explained some of them.]