Sunday, April 1, 2012

Princess on the move

Princess is starting to point. She has learned that if she waves her hand a certain direction she can go where she wants to go or get something she wants to get. The first time she did that was this week. I was starting to notice it at dinner in the middle of the week. She would point at a food and then not eat any other food until we gave her the one that she was pointing to. The next morning she reached up to me, then after I picked her up she waved her hand toward the door. She gave me a short tour of the house and then I took her outside. It was fun.
She is also starting to be able to stay standing for a few seconds when she lets go of something or  is leaning against something. Walking is really just too close I think.
She reaches out to identify which parent she wants to be carried by. A great victory for daddy that there is even a choice.