Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prince paints Easter eggs

Lacking all the typical decorating devices, we pulled out some washable paint and let Prince have at it. He enjoyed it so much, he was actually willing to try an egg today at lunch!

Unlike her brother, Princess eats eggs heartily and happily. She has about an entire egg for breakfast every morning. The other day when Joy commented on how much Princess likes eggs, Prince said, "Well, that's convenient." *lol*

Our good friends in Russia have a wonderful post about our mutual troubles dealing with brown eggs. The main difference is that instead of buying eggs in packs of ten, we buy them in flats of 30, also handed to us in plastic bags. Our neighbors are conscientious about cleaning the eggs before selling them to us, but there are the more-than-occasional egg with feathers glued on by chicken poop. I am very envious of the wonderful egg wrappers they have. Prince, however, looking at their pictures, said he most liked the cheesy American wrappers.