Sunday, November 18, 2012

Adventures in Birthdaying - in which disaster strikes and is overcome

"When I get up in the morning and I hear my baby, I usually a) give my son a hug and tell him I love him; b) get a drink of water; and then c) go and nurse my baby," Joy starts. "But Saturday was my birthday celebration and I wanted to have my computer charged and I knew it had turned off for dead battery the night before. So I plugged in the cord and plugged it into my computer. Nothing.

"I can hear my baby crying and I think, 'I'm coming'. I figure out that the stabilizer won't turn on. So I check to see that it's plugged in, and it is. I take out the fuse. It's the first fuse I've ever seen that has completely burst. To get the part out of the cap so I could replace the fuse, I had to use a pair of scissors with a narrow point.

"So I wasn't using very much of my brain and figured I needed to do that to get the rest of the fuse out of the stabilizer itself, forgetting that it was plugged in and turned on. So the first time I woke up Derrill was my scream from getting electrocuted from my scissors stuck in the stabilizer."

It focuses the mind in a way that is not difficult to describe. ... Then I went back to sleep.

"So trying to get my computer plugged in was a problem, cause every time I got the computer and the iPad plugged in it would short out. It took half an hour to figure out to not plug in the iPad so the computer could be plugged in. Now my baby has been crying for half an hour. And I'm getting a little flustered and I know my husband would rather I be happy this morning. So I decide to wake him up"

A second time.

"Well, on purpose this time. And boy, I'm glad I did because he solved some problems I was nursing my baby."

I finally forced myself awake and out of the bed. We were going to be opening presents in about 45 minutes if I guessed right. I grabbed the stool covered in sheet music and pulled it over to where I was hiding the birthday presents. I stood on the edge of it, pleased to find it sturdy and not interesting in tipping over. I reached up for Bewitched Season One, grabbed it, and felt the world start to fall in slow motion. I recognized it soon enough to grab something with my other hand to slow my fall, so I only scraped up one arm and landed just fine. But the stool completely disintegrated. Those nails will not go back in that wood in this lifetime without more serious repair work than I think our local technicians interested in doing. Joy heard a thump, realized if it was Prince that he would barge in any second, and when he didn't, she knew it was me.

"He actually came up to the door. I can always tell. I asked if he was okay. He said yeah, so I knew it was you."

When I came out and up to the living room, I discovered the floor was a little wet. Then I discovered the floor was VERY wet - half an inch deep, maybe, in places. I never knew our floor was not level, but it's not.

So I put Bewitched under the tree with her other presents, and went back to the dirty laundry pile to see if there were any towels that needed using. Happily there were. So I let Prince stand on one and shuffle about to mop up some of the floor while I grabbed a mop to start bailing. The only problem was that he wanted to follow me around. So he was scooting sopping wet towels all over the hallway, spreading the love as it were.

I moved him to a different towel and kept bailing. I finally got the area from the door to the couch dry enough that Joy and the kids could sit for scripture study. I moved the furniture to make sure all the electricals were all right (they were). I was just about done when Joy and Princess finished in her room.

I could tell because I could hear my daughter crying. She came out of the room, slipped in the water Prince had tracked into the hall, and started crying. From that moment, she just KNEW that every drop of water in the living room was out to get her. She ran back to Mommy and said, "Towe'." Mommy provided her a towel, which she held out in front of her like a talisman. She never set it down, she never walked on it, she just held it in front of her until she got to me and I could pick her up and carry her to the couch.

"She was happy to have it on the floor in front of the couch, though."