Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mother would be pleased

Whenever Mom cut my hair back in the day, she would croon her hope that someday whoever my wife was would appreciate my hair - especially that one adorable little curl right in the center of my forehead that always shows up so prominently during a haircut.

She does, Mom. She does.


Mother would also be happy to know what good care AUN is taking of me.

As I mentioned earlier, I finally broke down and got a cane for my leg pain. It takes enough off my leg so that I can get home without being exhausted from the pain. That's good. However, a cane is a lot more visible than a limp. Everyone is starting to notice ... including Pres. Ensign.

Dismayed at learning of my situation, "Aunt Margee" as my son calls her tattled on me to the health clinic. I went in Thursday. They not only gave me some pain pills (Tramadol, equivalent to codeine) but also a shot of the stuff in my hip. The nurse was rather dismayed when I reported I could still feel some pain the next day. It feels a lot better, but it is clearly still there. The nurse got me an appointment with a neurologist for Tuesday in the hopes he can do something.

If not, Pres. Ensign has told me AUN will fly me out to Switzerland to have this taken care of at their expense. She thinks it is simply unreasonable and irresponsible to let me suffer through this for the next 7 months until I head back to the States.

She asked to make sure I didn't mind her butting in. I told her I didn't mind and that I am sure my mother is very thankful.