Sunday, November 4, 2012

Princess: What I did this week

I look fabulous! I got to dress myself. My next step was to hand Daddy his cane so we could go outside. I even opened the door for him. No dice.

I love to read. I take books up to Mommy and say "[r]ead." She reads them to me. Then I take the book to Daddy and ask him to read it too. Then I take the book to Mommy and ask her to read it too....

I only want Daddy to read because he does funny voices. When his voice hurt this week, I didn't want him to read anymore because he couldn't do Grover right. Mommy does not have to do funny voices.

No seriously, I really like to read. Book after book. Sometimes I read them to myself.
Here I am first thing in the morning pulling on a second pair of shorts - inside out and backwards, it's true, but sometimes you need to do bold things for new fashion trends.

My newest new word is "Game." As in, "Mommy, Daddy, why won't you let me play the Bible Trivia game you are playing with Prince?" It's not my fault all they heard was "Mommy, Daddy, Game!"

My favorite new word is "Gummy," as in "I would like my delicious and nutritious Disney Princess gummy vitamin, please."

The new word my parents have worked on the hardest is "Amen." They've tried to teach me to say it when they are done saying prayers. I'm now trying to teach them that when I say it, they are done praying!