Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful 2

Thursday I was thankful for a nap I didn't mean to take. Then I only meant it to be 30 minutes. When Joy got me after an hour and a half, I knew I could've kept on sleeping another 90. But the correlation cannot be denied: Wed I felt terrible, Fri I felt terrible ... Thur I did not feel terrible. Huzzah for a long nap. I would like to thank the students whose truly terrible writing made it possible.

Friday I was thankful to find out what's really wrong with me: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. Which means two of the vertebrae in my lower back are kissing that have no business kissing. They are too closely related for that sort of thing! We'll see what the doctors want to do - cortisone shots,

We interrupt this gratitude to bring you Prince, who wants "to talk about Disney."
"I think the first, when we get to the Disneyland, I think the first ride is going to be Winnie the Pooh."
"Because I really like it! I think they have great sounds when they walk around the track. That's it."
Thank you, Prince.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post, already in progress.
So I may get a cortisone shot and be put in a plaster cast/brace until the end of the semester, and then possibly have an operation to separate them. We'll see what the MRI says eventually.

Saturday I am thankful for Daddy again, but in particular for his tax preparation software and the fact that we're finally going to get a big refund from Unca Sam for 2011.

Today I was making my eggs when Princess came up. She reached out her hand to me and said, "Hand." I put my hand in her little one and she led me all around the house, saying "Hand" and smiling. It was very sweet.

This weekend I am also thankful for Prince and his amazing skills.
Thursday I was chatting with my mom online. I needed to go to work, so I told Prince to type to Grandma that I was feeling "good." He did it. This was his Very First time typing on the computer. Then he decided he wanted to type some other things to Grandma. (Prince was curious....) He typed about Mario and Luigi, of course. He typed questions. He talked in sentences that he typed all by himself - until he got tired. [Click to see the larger image.]

Then Friday night Prince read a sentence from Peter Pan to me. Smee remarked to Captain Hook about the Crocodile:
"Daddy, what's this word?"
"Some day, said Some"
"said Smee, 'the clock will down'"
Will what?
"Will ran down"
Run down
"Will run down, and then he'll get you."

Saturday he read the Ernie and Bert book to Mommy and Princess, and then he read Everybody Poops. And right now he's reading the baby Accidental Zucchini.

I'm also thankful that my daughter is learning new words every day. Today's new word is Page (as in, Don't turn the page because there's a Monster at the end of this book) and George (as in Curious George). She also likes talking about Winnie the "Poop" as well as the other kind. Today while I told Joy about her getting into the Crisco, she said, "grease."