Sunday, November 25, 2012

My baby's words

Princess has been coming up with a lot of new words lately. I helped her say her very first prayer over the food this week: "Dear ... Fadda ... Tankee ... Eat ... Jesus ... Amen." Her favorite word is "yeah." She will agree with almost anything. If she doesn't say "yeah," it means no and that's the only way to tell. She was looking SO ADORABLE reading with Mommy, and then stopped as soon as I grabbed the camera.

Some new Vocabulary:

A-bet (sounds like Abbot and Costello) - Alphabet. Used for "Love those Letters" and any time she recognizes there are letters somewhere.

Appo - both apple and applesauce, but she has decided that
Pie - means pineapple. What she will do now that there is pumpkin pie too, I don't know.

Beam - Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
Bite and bit and kick
Buzz - she loved Buzz for a long time, and just got to watch Toy Story 2
Cane - both children LOVE handing me my walking stick, even when it's inches from me
Dit - Did it
Fo'k and Spoon
Game - when she wants to play but we're not letting her
Geen Bean - green bean
Hep - Help
Mah-yo (Mario) and G (Luigi)
Monkey - Curious "George"
"Oh no!"
Pease - Please, very important word, that.
Potty - She is actually asking to go sit on the potty, without any prompting!
Pray - She knows eat comes after pray, so she asks to pray when she wants to eat.
Push - (related to going on the potty)
Row ova - Roll over
Teeth, toes, nose, mouth
ukuk is slowly becoming 3 new words: dink, mik, and wawa.

Books she names:
Ball - might be a ball, or the book "Watch Me Throw the Ball"
Bear - Brown Bear, Brown Bear --- she can name most of the animals in it. Frog and Horse are new
Bye - We all go traveling by
Gus - A Bus for Us ("Is that the bus for us, Gus?")
Mama - Is Your Mama a Llama?
Mommy - Owl Babies ("I want my Mommy!" said Bill)
Maymack - Miss Mary Mack

Singing the song "Down" with Princess:
The Itsy-Bitsy Spider went up the "wawa" spout.
"Down" came the "wain" and "washed" the spider "out."
Out came the "sun" and dried up all the "wain"
And the itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout "again"

She say the ending word for most of the rhymes in the 6 verses