Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Book of Mormon in Africa

In 1985, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported that the Church's translation efforts were shifting from Central and South American languages to African and Asian languages. Work was underway to translate the Book of Mormon into Efik (Nigeria), Akan (Ghana), and Zulu and Swahili, among others. It had already been translated into Afrikaans (South Africa) in 1972. Translations were finished in:

Arabic 1986
Fante Ghana 1999
Shona Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana 1999
Malagasy Madagasacar 2000
Swahili much of eastern sub-Saharan Africa 2000
Amharic, East     Ethiopia, Eritrea 2000
Igbo Nigeria 2000
Xhosa South Africa 2000
Tswana Botswana 2003
Zulu South Africa, Zimbabwe 2003
Lingala Democratic Republic of the Congo 2004
Twi Ghana 2005
Yoruba Nigeria, Benin, Togo 2007

Selections of the Book of Mormon are available in other languages, including:
  • Efik (Nigeria) in 1983
  • Kisii (Kenya) in 1983
When we were preparing to come here, the Church's catalog listed that they had Joseph Smith's testimony [Shaidar Annabi Yusufu Simit] and the old Gospel Principles manual [Asqui Yatiyawin Yatichawinacapa] available in Hausa (the most often used tongue in this part of Nigeria) but that was it. If we had had 2 more weeks in the States before we came out here, we had planned on ordering 25 of each, but it didn't work out.