Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Sunbeam sings As a Child of God

Prince graduated from Nursery into Primary this January, and we've been having our own little family Primary sessions the last couple weeks. They are great challenges to his abilities to sit still, but he enjoys singing for 15-30 minutes. The Primary is learning a new hymn this month, "As a Child of God." The Youtube video we've been using to help us teach him is here [oh, the advantages of having Primary in your home!]

Prince is quite taken with the song and has been singing it around the house. I caught him singing it while he put away his toys.

For those who can't make out the words, he's singing the first verse:

I came to earth with power to choose.
Good choices bless me and my family too.
(Chorus:) As a child of God I receive special light.
The Holy Ghost helps me to know what is right.