Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starting a new semester

Prince resumed school on Monday, much to his delight. When we told him he was going back to school, he asked if it was the 9th. Yes, he had remembered from weeks and weeks before that school would start on the 9th of January. Several riots pushed back the start of his school by two weeks. He was eager and happy to return.

When he returned, the report from his school was equally happy. He was such a very good boy - didn't take anyone else's toys, didn't push anyone, didn't have to go to the corner even once.

The best thing we did over the break was finally pull out of the closets - where it has sat for 3 years now, waiting for such a time as this - this magnet board of "My Responsibility Chart." We and he chose 8 goals, and every day he accomplishes his goal he gets a stamp. If he gets 5 stamps in a week for a certain goal, he gets a Terrific Job stamp. His first week was ... difficult. Last week, he got 6 Terrific Jobs. He loves them and is highly motivated.

Then on Thusday, I also got to go back to school. AUN resumed instruction only two days behind schedule. They haven't announced yet if that will affect finals or graduation yet, but my gut tends to doubt it.

I am teaching two sections of principles of macroeconomics (a new class for me) and development economics (which I taught last semester, but this time I'm using my own textbook). Last semester at the beginning, I expected and was not surprised, to see half of the enrolled students actually present. We covered some real ground anyway and I found a couple ways to give them credit for their diligence. This semester, throughout the school, classes opened with 3 ... 4 ... sometimes fewer students! Friday's development class we were up to 9, though and some classes reported in the low teens. I had an entertaining message from a student yesterday, asking if I were back in town yet? Um, yes. Yes, I am.

I had volunteered to help sign students in for orientation and spent two afternoons preparing for my presentation to the freshmen on how to succeed/not-fail-miserably in college. Point number one is to show up.

I also got moved to a new office, upstairs. It's much larger. I get a second desk, my own bookcase, and we have a water cooler in our room. Our apartment complex is also getting a fresh coat of paint (darkish blue-gray and kind of a sage green, I think).