Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prince discusses his body

Several months ago, Prince found a way for us to talk about his hunger needs. He was unwilling to say, "I am hungry," but he was happy to tell us "My belly is hungry." So for months we've had conversations multiple times a day about his belly. He'll ask to be excused from the table, and we ask if his belly is full.

This morning, he informed us that his belly wanted to wake us up, but he kept it from doing that.

Probing deeper, I learned about this fifth member of our household. Prince's belly cries a lot, but he's not a baby. It is 0 years old, but when it is 1 year old it will be able to run around all by itself. It will turn 1 year old in June. This prompted me to ask if his belly was Princess. No, he said, because his belly is inside him and Princess is outside. ... I think. He then ran to find Princess nursing and show to me that she wasn't inside him.

"My belly is thinking about having, about playing a Wii game. And my belly is thinking about playing a board game."

Joy reports his belly has told him before to not do what his mommy says, to which she responded that she doesn't like his belly. 'But we had the same conversation about his computer - almost like his belly is an imaginary friend, only with stronger sway.'

"When my belly got out of my tummy, it went to sleep. And a couple whiles, his timer went off and it's time to wake up, but it's still night outside. And then Mommy, [Princess], and his parents and his baby sister were going to the store without him! He has parents in my belly. What??"    He said "What??" not me.

Who are his parents?

"His parents was was was um, the mommy was Patty and the daddy was Gaddy Taddy, and the baby sister was Shaddybolla. Shaddybolla is the baby."