Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year

I'm not late posting this. It's only just the Chinese New Year, after all....

We celebrated the New Year on Pacific time, about 9am here. Hy and I found some vuvuzelas (vuvuzeli?) at the market for all of us to blow.

We chatted with my parents from 8-9 (11-midnight their time) with a pretty good Skype connection the entire time. Afterwards we chatted with our good friends in Russia. Huzzah for Skype.

We also had the traditional family "toast" in our new toaster. When I was a little boy, I heard my parents saying something about having a toast on New Years. I told my grandmother - who watched me while my parents had a nice dinner out - that meant we were supposed to have toast. So we buttered some browned bread and the family thought it was so adorable, we've all been doing it every year since.

Even though it looks like Princess had a little too much of the other kind of toast, that was Fanta in there.