Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We do get outside occasionally

Suya: Nigerian BBQ.

The AUN Club is renovating, so the kitchen was closed last time Prince and I went swimming. So we stopped off for some Suya on the way home. It was very good. Spicy, but not as fearfully hot as warned. Some random guys wanted me to take their picture while we were waiting. That is a reaction years of reading development blogs complaining about developmental tourism had never prepared me for.

From the horse race we went to in November to celebrate Abraham's sacrifice.

We had a tailor in today. Soon I will have one of those on the left (the local Hausa variety) in cream and one of those on the right (not sure whose variety) in green. Joy is also finally getting her birthday dress done. Pictures forthcoming.
It would be a bit presumptuous to wear either the headman's
headwear, or the red outfit of the royal guard.