Sunday, September 23, 2012

15 months of Princess

Being in the States without my computer, I couldn't do this when Princess turned 1 year, but here she is through 15 months.

1 day old.

Leaving the hospital

1 month

6 weeks, on our way to Nigeria

3 months

~5 months

I'm not sure when this was taken, but it was around 5 months also

Christmas baby - 6 months

8 months and already able to climb up the couch though she can't walk yet.

11 months, just before we return to the States and within a couple weeks of walking.

14 months at Golf n Stuff and she's a real walker.

Back in Nigeria a couple weeks ago.

I gotta say, she just gets cuter and sweeter. Except for the whole biting people thing, but it's not often.