Sunday, September 2, 2012

Princess: What I Did This Summer

We went to the temple several times. We went to the LA temple. Here we are at the Redlands temple. After going to the Redlands temple, we went to Dairy Queen. The owner gave me a free ice cream I refused to eat. Daddy said those were the oldest, stalest Spanish peanuts he had ever eaten and couldn't finish his peanut buster parfait - he was sad. At least he got to eat my ice cream.

Here are me and my dad at AJ Spurs near Solvang. I climbed up on the buffalo (Daddy may have helped). I liked feeling its rough hair and then sliding down again.

As my brother said, I went to Disneyland for the first time. There will be more pictures later, I hear. Here I am as a pretty princess.

I got to go to the beach. Sand doesn't taste good. I kept getting closer to the waves, and that was fun ... at least until I sat down on the shore and the wave soaked my pants. That water is freezing!

I like eating oranges. I like eating orange peel mostly. Mommy won't let me eat orange peel in Nigeria. I miss it. Mommy tries to peel the orange for me, but then I'm not interested anymore. I liked Grandma and Pop's orange tree. 

This is my first taste of hamburger and Prince's first taste of milkshake or ice cream. I like it! I like food. I like anything Mommy and Daddy eat. I point to what I want and say "This!" or I say his name if I want what Prince is eating.

I felt the prints of the nails in the Christus' feet at the LA Temple visitors center. This was on the day we had the car accident and never made it to Utah. I think Daddy will probably talk about that some more later.

Mostly, I just spent the summer being cute and loving.

I learned how to walk into Pop's office and tell him, "Go!" I taught him that means I want him to take me outside and watch me play. I could tell I was getting better at it, because the last week we were there he came outside with me almost every time I asked.

I walk around our home in Nigeria looking for other people. I can't find Pop or Grandma or Steve or Emie or Lanna. It makes me sad and I need Mommy to hold me some more. Thank you, family, for loving me.