Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prince tells a story

Prince's drawing during scripture time and beyond has taken a large leap forward. He used to copy numbers or letters. Then he started drawing things that reminded him of words or scenes from the bit of scripture we were reading. Now he's written his own story. You can read the first bit on the page on the left; the rest was on a different page.

"The Book of Mario. Mario and Peach lived in a cast[le]. They walked around and then they found Luigi."

Prince had Mommy's help with some of the spelling.

I remember reading before I started Kindergarten at 5. The family remembers my brother reading before I did. I don't think either of us could write a short story at age 4 - certainly not one legible to any but a trained Egyptologist with a urim and thumim. Go, Prince!

Joy reports a new relationship between Prince and Mario. Mario used to be his best friend. He would probably still say he is. He spends or spent a hefty amount of play time making sure Mario and all his friends are fed (but especially Mario who gets the best of the play food). But now Prince is the daddy of Mario. He puts Mario in time out ... a lot ... for a long time. Mommy comes in to beg mercy for Mario. Oh dear.

Last month he did something bad I'm editing from the record. The others involved forgave him. We decided he did need to have some consequence. So he hasn't been allowed to play Wii for the entire month of September. Tomorrow the ban is lifted when we hold his Potty Party.

But then this morning, he informs me that he has an imaginary "Electronic Mario" and because he did something bad, he can't play it for a month. The problem, he tells me, is that Electronic Mario was the only game on it, but it had a lot of other activities he could have done on Sunday and now he can't do them on Sunday because he can't play it for a month. ... Very interesting. And oh dear.