Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prince talks about: Disneyland

I liked my adventures in Disney. And I love the ride of Mr. Toad.

"Why is that?"

Because Daddy loves me. I really like the Toy Story ride. Because I love Grandma.

I love Splash Mountain. Because I love Mommy.

I love the Winnie the Pooh ride. Because I love Hyrum.

I liked the character breakfast. That's because I love Daddy again.

"What you do you like because you love Pop?"

I love the railroads, the Goofy ride. [We start helping him remember what we did]

I like IHOP because I really love Lavinia. I love the hotel and I love the Cars land and I love the Mader ride.  I love the caterpillar caterpillar caterpillar ride.

Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! I love Nemo!
[He now starts doing that for every ride we mention, so no telling what else he thinks except...]


Translations beneath the fold:
Prince and Daddy had been reading Wind in the Willows before we went to Disneyland. So I asked him if he would please do me the great honor of riding the Mr. Toad ride with me. He kept it in mind for more than a month that the Mr. Toad ride was for Daddy, and that's the ride he really wanted to go on.

Toy Story's Midway Mania is one of Grandma's favorites. He rode the ride once with Mom and again with Grandma.

The only ride we could get him to talk about at any length right after was Splash Mountain. On the big dip down, Mommy reached out behind him and held him tight. He explained that he loved Splash Mountain because Mommy held him so he wouldn't fall out of the ride and that was his favorite part.

The Goofy ride I can't really translate. It must have been from the time before last we went to Disney's Toon Town, but I don't remember it.