Sunday, September 23, 2012

What's Prince been up to?

Well, for the most part he's been running around wearing one of my or Joy's t-shirts for potty training purposes. As a natural consequence, he's gotten very few pictures lately.

(In this picture, Joy was not very certain about Princess sitting in his lap, but it worked out well.)

But it is definitely time to crow: he successfully managed to go an entire week without any potty accidents. We'll be throwing him a small party next week to celebrate.

What else did he do over the summer? Let me see...

Pop and Grandma bought a "structure" for the kids to play on. I helped Pop (a little) in assembling it. Then Prince and I could play pirates. He also practiced walking up slides a lot.

On July 4 we went to the Elks Lodge where they had some bouncy castles. Prince still loves them.

I blogged earlier about his success at going 4 days without a potty accident. Here is the proud boy at IHOP. It took about 2 months to go from 4 days in a row to 7.

Our first day at Disneyland Prince was very happy to see Minnie again. Even though she came over to our table 2-3 times during breakfast, he was most interested in her this first time outside.

Joy and I took turns attending the Redlands Temple. I fed the kids lunch during her turn.

We went to beautiful Solvang. Prince played with fountains, balloons, sunglasses, t-shirts, trains, and anything else he could get his hands on. A wonderful time was had by all.

One of the things Joy got me for my birthday was a cartoon version of The Hobbit. I had just introduced it to Prince that week. When he saw me open it and tell him it was something for both of us, he suddenly remembered he should give his parents a gift and claimed that this was his present to me!

Joy had forgotten to prepare one for him, so was happy for him to claim one. It was kind of funny.

When I picked Prince up from school to go to the airport, his teacher gave him a Nigerian outfit, sized much too big for him. Normally they would have had time to try it out on him, tailor it, and so forth. But we were leaving a month before the end of term so there was no time.

This is also the very first picture of the new camera, Prince with his Grandma at the grocery store.

Prince loved playing with Grandma on Sundays. They threw stuffed animals back and forth in the family room while everyone else watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Music and the Spoken Word broadcasts. 

Prince also got a scooter and fell in love with skateboards. We brought the scooter back to Nigeria with us, but left the skateboard I had when I was 13 back home. Joy is not at all certain he's ready for it (I quite agree). We'll see how long it takes him to learn how to scoot around without crashing too often.

On the other hand, it seems to me that one of the prerequisites for skateboarding is being an indestructible kid, and there's no one who fits that bill better than Prince the Tank.