Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home schooling

Prince won't be returning to his school this semester. We'll see about later. But for now that means Joy will be homeschooling our preschooler while toddling after a toddler. So far the plan is to build his schedule one piece at a time.

The first thing it means is that part of his morning routine before breakfast includes writing out the phrase "Jesus loves me" or another appropriate lettering exercise after he says his prayers and before he plays. He is very excited about it. This morning he realized Joy hadn't included lines for Sunday. "I didn't mean for him to do homework on Sunday," she explains. I figured writing "Jesus loves me" was thoroughly Sabbath appropriate, so I drew some more lines for him. He then drew lines for all of next week.

They are planning some reading time every day and an art project.

Joy says, "I plan on keeping it flexible, just things that happen during the day. I think one of the benefits of him being home is that he won't have to have a regimented schedule. We'll do some math because he loves numbers. Derrill's going to work on story problems in picture form with him. We got a LeapPad for some more independent learning activities."

It made a lot of sense, seeing how much he loved the LeapFrog video of learning how to make words. We haven't given it to him yet, though, so we don't know how well it will work.

"We're going back to doing his scripture study with him." He can often read half or more of a verse of scripture with us by himself. We also started reading scriptures first thing in the morning because I'm teaching an 8am class twice a week. The kids are a LOT better behaved at 6:15am than at 6:15pm. I'm becoming a convert.

"Derrill's trying to help me figure out sections of time that I can spend with each of the kids, and to find time for myself too."

And as one of the nice side effects of this practice, this is what he wrote me this morning: I LUV MI DAD. He later expanded it to say "I LUV MI DAD AND MOM AND LUVY AND HYRUM."

"I will also be working with him about 20 minutes a day on flexibility, conversation skills, and sharing."