Sunday, June 19, 2011

Five more days

We have been waiting for Princess to come for so long, it is hard to believe that she will be here in just five more days. We believe that children are a blessing from our Heavenly Father and would like to raise as many of them as He sees would bless us with. Having a family with children really is the best thing to do in this life and there are so many things to learn from children.

A while back before we had the Prince we had a miscarriage and have been waiting for our first girl to join our family ever since. Any of you who have had children would probably understand the concerns that can accompany adding an additional child to your family. I have recently been feeling over whelmed with this prospect. It is funny I really want her to come, but I have never been a real baby person and that is how it starts.

I am looking forward to meeting her and to being done being pregnant (the later is different than my other pregnancy). While we were at church today, I realized that it was the last time we would be going to church before having our new little one. Wow, it should be an exciting week.