Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too Much Going On

  • The baby doctor called this morning to rearrange when we deliver Princess. So now we'll be giving birth tomorrow morning instead of Friday morning. He needs to reschedule because his son is graduating Friday. ... I would've thought that would have been noticed earlier so we could plan better.
  • Prince will be staying overnight with some friends ...update: and we've figured out who. I love visiting teachers. My mother will get into town early tomorrow morning -- unless her delayed flights keep her in Chicago overnight -- and will be able to watch Prince after the birth.
  • I have strep. I had allergies, the allergies led to a sinus infection, nothing unusual. The sore throat and deep, deep cough lingered longer than the antibiotics and I suffered a serious relapse Sun/Mon with a major fever. I'm not sure just how high, but I thought the fever had broken yesterday at 9am, but when I went in to see the doctor I was still at 101. I have new antibiotics, but should keep my handling of Princess to a minimum. :(
  • We spent last night consolidating our board game collection, fitting as many games into as few boxes as possible and deciding which games we can afford to try to find later. I am proud of myself for finding a way to fit every card from every Dominion expansion into one box so we can keep it in our luggage. Only problem is its weight.
  • We've been spending so much time keeping the house clean enough to show to potential buyers that we have had precious little time to pack. We had one family that was interested in buying and made an offer, but by the time we had agreed they had already bought another home.
  • So far we have organized but not finally packed our books; organized but not finally packed our board games; organized but not finally packed our movies and computer games; not even organized Prince's games; and successfully packed my sheet music and the plush toys. We have started lists of other things we might want to bring, but it's going to be a tight fit no matter what.
  • I've had to visit the dentist 3-4 times to get two appointments done, plus a urologist, my GP twice, and the eye doctor before that. Add to that the Prince's visits to the eye doctor, and several to the pediatrician for travel shots and his regular check up, plus the OB/GYN and we have seen quite enough doctors this month to last us. May we now be healthy? Please?
  • As if that weren't quite enough, my grandmother is in the hospital after having a very mild surgery and then a more serious one. She is very weak and her future health is still in question.
  • So many thanks to our dear friends for bringing over lasagna Monday. We had so much going on we forgot they were even bringing dinner and were just sitting down to wonder what we were going to do when they popped over with a steaming plate of vegetable salvation. Pity half my mouth was still numb from the dentist so I could barely taste it.
  • Oh, and I've been fighting with and training our two new computers. I finally convinced this one to stop giving me error messages, but can't install my preferred antivirus software to do it. I gotta say, Dell's customer service has deeply slipped over the years, and I continue giving three cheers to Major Geeks for good support.
  • Last week we spent some time with our best friends -- also expecting next month and also heading for foreign lands -- to watch a movie. During the movie, we sat with our accumulated financial paperwork from 6 years of marriage and shredded documents we really won't need anymore. We shredded for the entire movie, nearly blistered our fingers, and still didn't finish.
 -- DW