Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is Mommy Excited to go to Nigeria?

The answer really lies in whether or not mommy gets excited about anything. I have spent some time thinking about this as mommy :), because I have had a few people ask me if I am excited about going. I would say that yes, I am excited in the same way I get excited about everything, mostly through planning and worry (chuckle).

When I was thinking about places that it would be a no-brainer that  I would be excited to go to, I think about Disney World where we went with Pop and Boo recently. I really was excited to go, but I couldn't get past the planning and packing to show true child-like excitement until all the planning and packing were done. I take the planning quite seriously whether things every turn out the way we planned them, but in recent years I do a much better job of accepting the changes in plans as they come. So when we were almost all packed and everything was planned, I was able to really enjoy going to Disney World, being there and spending time with Pop and Boo.

I anticipate the same for me and Nigeria. There are so many things to plan (vaccinations, packing, selling the house, passport, visa's, our shipping agent, current events and doctors, and wrapping up things here- just some of what I can think of off the top of my head) and I get really wrapped in them and try not to get overwhelmed. So when I am  overwhelmed, no not excited. When I see plans coming together and things working out, yes excited. It is just funny to realize that my process of working through new things really just keeps getting perpetuated to all knew things. Derrill does a lot to help keep me on task as far as focusing on one thing to get it done and not just being overwhelmed with the whole list.

Even when we got married, Derrill wondered where his sweet bride had gone as I got lost in planning and was glad to get me back when that part was over.

So, I am looking forward to it, plan to enjoy the actual doing of it more than the planning. :D