Friday, June 10, 2011

I want Glasses

It has been over a week since I took our prince to the eye doctor the first time. When we went that first time he was very preoccupied with not getting a shot. He was constantly asking if he was getting a shot and relieved every time I said he would not get one. He liked the doctors and nurses and enjoyed the toys there. They have a castle with animals that he really enjoys playing with.
So yesterday I took him to the eye doctor again, this time with his eyes dilated. I was given drops to put in his eyes at a certain time before the appointment to dilate them and he didn’t like the drops nor what they did to his eyes. I really should have brought sun glasses for him to wear. When we got to the doctor’s office he proclaimed, “I want glasses!” He said it several times while were were there. By the time our visit with the doctor was over it was obvious that he is near sighted and does need glasses, but only to improve his life. The doctor said that some children are required to wear glasses all the time or their eyesight will be damaged for life, not our little guy.
He was in 7th heaven when it came time to try on his glasses. Every time he tried on a new pair of glasses he would run to people behind the desk or in an office and show them his new glasses. He was just so excited. He chose a blue pair and I chose the style. The glasses should be in for him within a week, maybe before school ends next Friday, we hope :D