Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where did the week go?

It has been a mind numbing week. It started out with a 48 hour stomach bug for Hyrum. The middle of the week was punctuated by showing our home to potential buyers and today Hyrum was finally in school again and I had time to do some packing stuff.
I was really happy about the amount of papers I went through today. I just pulled out most of our files in our filing cabinet and got rid of old and none essentials. I have a whole box of papers ready to be shredded and it feels good. Derrill went through his sheet music today and it was so fun to see how excited he was to hope to have a keyboard in Nigeria, something that he could actually play in our own home.
Prince and Derrill had a really fun date yesterday at a bouncy house play area at the local mall, the only one in Ithaca. Prince is still talking about it today. They played together on the farm and slides and in a castle. Great fun! We are trying to give him some really good memories before our new little one comes. He is really doing a lot of talking and telling me about things the last couple of days.