Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Packing Games

I gotta say, as we are busy packing our board and card games to ship to Nigeria, it is amazing how much excess space is in these games! That's cheap and easy to say for video games because they are all box and a small CD. But even when there are hundreds upon hundreds of pieces, we can really shrink them down to fit at least 3 games in each box. We fit:
  • All 5 Dominion boxes into 1
  • The Alhambra Big Box with 20 expansions, Apples to Apples Big Box with 1000 cards, Puerto Rico, Seafarers of Catan, and Music Maestro in the Alhambra box alone
  • Thurn and Taxis also has the Settlers of Catan card game, the Princess Bride, Rook, and Phase 10
  • The Bible Trivia game has Carcassonne and Mille Bornes
  • The Book of Mormon Challenge has Uncle Wiggley and Family Fluxx
  • Scattergories has Wise & Otherwise and Racko
  • Solarquest has the Ungame and ImaginIff
  • Candyland has Carcassonne: Discovery and a Care Bears game
  • Settlers and Cities of Catan, and some but not all of Seafarers in one box
  • Star Trek Uno has Pit
There are very few games we own that comfortably fit only themselves: Dominoes, Paradise Island, the Great Dalmuti, Fluxx (plus Christian Fluxx and Jewish Fluxx), and Guillotine. We probably left some space on the table, as we could fit some of those games into the Ticket to Ride box, but we're carrying several of them with us so there's little point. Also in our collection coming with us are the 2-player Starfarers of Catan, Citadels, Pass the Pigs and Bohnanza. Just for the reference of anyone in Yola who would like to set up a regular game night :)  .

For the fun of it, I highlighted a few of my favorite games of those we're bringing. Joy would add Bohnanza as one of her reliable favorites and she has been fairly addicted to Dominion for months. She is also regularly into Carcassonne: Discovery and we got the Fluxxes for her.

We introduced the Prince to the Bible Trivia game a couple weeks ago. He won his first time through (with some hints and careful selection of questions). He has a lot more patience for it with fewer people playing.
 -- Derrill