Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Palm Computer

Hi Everyone,

As part of my preparations to go to Nigeria I used some of my shekels (most of them actually) to purchase an Internet device to help me feel more comfortable keeping in touch with all of you. I was looking at a Ipod apple device for a while, but was not pleased with the options of keyboards. I wanted to make this transition into cyberspace as easy for myself as I could and that meant having a usable nonvirtual keyboard. Boo had an Ipod and Pop as a Dell mini and I was talking to them about the bennefits and drawbacks of each. I ultimately decided that the Dell mini would suit my purposes better, but it is funny that it is really a lot more like a computer than the ipod.

I was talking to Derrill about this last night. He was actually very surprised that what I got looks more like a computer than a hand held. I have resisted being inculcated into computers so soundly. When my Dell mini came he opened it up and thought or said, this looks a little small (we also ordered a laptop to replace our more than 3 year old computer for better and quicker processing in Nigeria of online things). Derrill was able to figure out that it was a Dell mini upon further inspeciont. Oh, (the light comes on) that was all he had heard about my new machine was that it was a Dell mini. He was expecting to see a handheld device not a little computer. Surprise honey!

So, then Derrill asked me what the first thing that I was going to do on my new computer would be (apparently it was this blog). He joked that it might be watch Little House on the Prairie. I told him that wasn’t possible because I don’t have a cd drive, no disk drive at all actually. He was further surprised. I explained to him that the Dell mini to me is really just meant to be a glorified handheld with the ease of typing with a nice little keyboard (which I love by the way). It gives me comfort to start with a computer that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It is less overwhelming. I think it will be a perfect transition device. Derrill even suggested it would be less tempting for him without all the bells and whistles ;).