Friday, June 10, 2011

Full Term

Today I am full term, a pregnancy term that means that my baby would be just fine now anytime that I have it.
Last night Derrill and I were planning things to do in the next two weeks (which is how much time we have left before our scheduled caesarean. Derrill made the comment that we need to start spending real time preparing for our daughter to come, because Steve was about a month early and she could come any time. Well, that thought wouldn’t leave my mind and now I seem to be working on things to get ready for her to come, where I was still stalling before. I want to prepare, but I just keep finding other things that need to be done (like making sure our house is ready for a potential buyer tonight).
I am glad that my frame of mind is changing, I really need to expect her to be here at some point and it is better to have some time to prepare than not. I got out some things for her from the shed that I will need and started washing the clothes that I have sorted. I was expecting the plumber today and will be cutting the prince’s hair today. It will be a full day. I hope you are all well.
Love, Joy